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What are the best equity investment opportunities today? – The Madison Leader Gazette

Investing in stocks and stocks is pretty much the oldest method of wealth management known to modern man. From billionaire investors like Warren Buffet to blue collar speculators investing $ 100 here and there, a stable and performing equity portfolio is the safest and most secure way to prepare for retirement and try to achieve some of those dreams. while we’re at it. .

Once upon a time, it was relatively easy, even for the laity, to get started. Either you went to a broker, or you just invested in a few blue chip companies. Admittedly, the returns weren’t always huge and it took patience, but “slow and ready” rarely lost the race.

Yet in the financial landscape of 2021, things are not that simple. The glocal dynamic has shifted and the old economic order is no more. Some large companies are collapsing and the rise of cryptocurrencies has forced many savvy investors to move away from traditional stock and stock options altogether, looking for new opportunities elsewhere in the best of all worlds.

But all is not yet finished. There are still great opportunities for investing in stocks if you know exactly where and how to look.

Wall Street and the American Stock Market

Perhaps the biggest problem for modern stock investors is simply that the US stock market can be overvalued. Critics claim that the US stock market is resting on its laurels and relying on the dollar (for the moment) remains the world currency. According to Buffet indicator, it should show a yield of -3.3% per annum from this valuation level and that includes dividends

Experts pointed out that even during the COVID-19 crisis and the corresponding quantitative easing, Wall Street still managed to show high profits – the final proof that Wall Street has lost all connection with the realities outside its golden skyscrapers. The most vocal critics allege that instead of being indicative of the robustness of the stock market, envious balance sheets could be a device hiding an over-inflated bubble ready to burst.

Even if the US stock market does not collapse, it remains a bad option for hungry speculators simply because of its overvaluation. Nowadays, you usually have to pay a lot to play, which means that no lucrative returns for many large investors, and a high entry bar for many small investors.

Newsflash ! Despite what many Americans may like to believe, there is a world outside of the United States and this world offers incredible investment opportunities.

# 1 Equity investment in Canada

Investors looking but wanting something similar should look no further than Canada. If it’s important to you to keep your money in North America and in a stable western democratic economy, then the Canadian equity and investment market can be a breath of fresh alpine air.

Canada’s “safe haven” offers strong and reliable equity investment options. Those feeling less adventurous might start with the “classics,” big banks such as Royal Bank (RY.TO) and National Bank (NA.TO). For those with a higher risk appetite, the utilities sector has seen rapid investment in recent years, and some market commentators have called renewable energy developer Polaris Infrastructures (PIF.TO) a “safe bet on”. a risky market ”.

While the Canadian dollar is not as strong as that of its neighbors, the country’s stability and a well-oiled infrastructure make it a very secure market. It should also be remembered that Canada has also managed to avert some of the worst effects of the banking crisis. The best equity investment opportunities in Canada are here to be found.

For some investors, Canada presents the perfect balance between safety and profitability, although for some it does not have the “gold rush” factor that other markets can offer.

# 2 Equity investment in the UK

The City of London, the original stock exchange of the world, is only surpassed by Wall Street in terms of the old world order (although both have been eclipsed by Shanghai) and for most American investors, feel like a second home for their wealth.

Despite a tendency to ferment expanding and receding markets, the stock market has also weathered the COVID-19 outbreak in rather rough health. However, in the future, the future looks very uncertain for the UK, which will present both opportunities and challenges for investors. On the one hand, there are rumors that the nation’s precious National Health Service could be opened up to the market, which will create a lucrative medical insurance demand from 66 million citizens overnight. Yet on the other hand, there is real evidence pointing to the nationalization of key utilities such as rail and energy, so it is very difficult to assess.

The banking industry has never recovered from the 2008 crash and even the best stocks of UK giants like Lloyds Banking Group and RBS continue to pay only minor dividends – although at least further fallout now seems unlikely. Some reviewers recommend The Legal & General long established as a good bet for fall 2021 with beverage giant Diageo, which has managed to withstand 12 months of a compromised hospitality industry.

However, the point is that a post-Brexit UK is a truly uncertain bet. Fortunes will be made, and they will be lost over the next decade as well, so invest wisely.

# 3 Equity investment in Slovakia

I first discovered the success story of Eastern Europe while working and traveling as a travel blogger, finding a region that seemed completely ready and ready to thrive. After emerging from the collapse of the USSR, most of the countries in the region have now weathered the storms of separation and accumulated 40 years of modernization in a few decades. In addition, most have so far deviated from the crisis that has plagued their new eurozone allies and have not been shaken by the post-Brexit fallout like the Western European giants have been. .

While young, tech-savvy guys go crazy for Estonia (dubbed the most progressive nation in the world by many) statistically, Slovakia currently offers the fastest growing stock market outside of China in the whole world. Slovakia is part of both the EU and the euro, which so far seems like a blessing. While the Bratislava Stock Exchange was only launched in 1991, the best stocks in Slovakia made serious fortunes.

To get a taste of what Slovakia can offer investors, in July 2021 Slovakian food delivery service was purchased by European takeout giant Just Eat. In addition, a hitherto unspecified private company (not yet listed on the stock exchange at the moment!) just confirmed the very first successful trial of a flying car in Slovakia (as our latest participant the UK even struggles to provide fuel for existing cars), pointing to a nation investing heavily in technology in global evolution. The economy of Slovakia is set to grow again in 2022, so make no mistake, this is a nation on the rise.

As you can see, there is a whole world of established and emerging stock markets to invest in. Whether you’re a big speculator or a nickel-and-dime investor, digging that atlas and doing market research can pay big dividends. While investing outside of the US and major markets may seem uncomfortable, the financial rewards that discomfort can reap will be sublime.

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