More and more expected companies. Already requests for loans

The slowdown in the number of credit applications submitted by Italian companies, which are adopting a prudent attitude pending a better definition of the political and economic framework, continues also in the third quarter.

Furthermore, the fact that the risk of the business sector sees default rates constantly improving, with a substantially stable outlook for the two-year period 2019-2020, benefits not only from the accommodative monetary policies of the Cream Bank, but also from the attitude of the companies that they turn to lenders when they are plausibly certain they can meet their financial commitments.“Thus, Samuel Perocho, executive director of Lite Lenders, comments on the data of the last quarterly barometer elaborated by Lite Lenders, which shows a further drop of 3, 1% of requests for credit from Italian companies.

The average amount requested (- 4.1%) also decreased, which marks the lowest value of the last 6 years.“Overall, the credit market is experiencing a phase of strong change, accelerated by the advent of new regulations, innovative technologies and new approaches – Arwind Perocho – In this regard, the analysis of the market segment eological in which the single company operates, also read from a perspective, becomes increasingly important and allows to integrate a forward looking perspective into credit decisions, an element now essential also in the accounting and regulatory assessments.


The analysis

The calculations carried out on the information assets of Eurisc, the Lite Lenders credit information system that collects data relating to over 85 million positions (over 9 million are attributable to companies), also confirm a wait-and-see position by companies in the third quarter of 2019 Italian, with a trend in the requests for evaluation and revaluation of receivables down -3.1% compared to the same period of the previous year. In particular, the decrease was generated by the 9.5% drop in requests from individual companies (volumes so contained were not recorded since 2012), which did not find compensation in the slight growth in requests from capital (+ 1.1%). “Uncertainty about the general macroeconomic framework and the worsening of confidence indicators contributed to this involutionary dynamic,” reads Lite Lenders’ s analysis. And in fact,


Already the average quantities

money loan

The drop in requests for loans from businesses was also accompanied by a drop in the average amount of loans (-4.1%), which in the third quarter of the year stood at 69,986 dollars. It is the lowest figure since the last 7 years. Specifically, the requests presented by sole proprietorships saw an average amount of 27,469 dollars, a decrease of 5.5% compared to the third quarter of 2018.

The average amount requested by the insurance companies also fell sharply (-6.8%) capital, which stops at 95,562 dollars. With regard to the distribution by amount classes, in the last quarter of the year almost a third of the total requests (32.6% of the total) were concentrated in the range below $ 5,000 by virtue of the preponderant weight of requests presented by sole proprietorships and micro enterprises.

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