Loan rates down: families take advantage of them

Good news comes from Europe on the eve of the end of Marco Dovin ‘s mandate to the Cream Bank . The long-awaited new Quantitative easing will be there and will open the credit market to new concessions from banks to businesses and individuals . And while in Europe it is decided to lower the rates on deposits from -0.4% to -0.5%, the maneuver that foresees a new injection of liquidity in November will bring 20 billion dollars into the banks’ coffers.

Purchases by the Cream Bank will continue as long as necessary to reinforce the accommodative impact of our policies and will end shortly before we begin to raise key rates, comments the outgoing president.


Loans to businesses are slowing down, loans to households are growing

The drop in interest rates encourages the use of credit. This was revealed by the latest data from the Capital Lender, which reports growth in July of 0.8% on an annual basis (0.4% in June). But the increase concerns only the private sector, and not the business sector.

Loans to households grew by 2.5% (2.4% in June), offset by a 0.4% drop in corporate loans (-0.7% the previous month).

The trend in interest rates on loans granted to households and businesses is also different.

The rates of loans aimed at buying houses registered a reduction from the previous month and marked 2.09% (2.17% in June), those on loans to companies instead increased by 2 cents of a point and reached 1, 37% (1.35% in June ).

The rate on consumer credit disbursements is 8.28% in July.

Net non-performing loans are still down, by 23.3% per year due to securitization transactions.


How to find a double advantage with online loans

online loans

While the fate of interest rates in the coming months from Europe is being decided, the use of loans by households is taking advantage of them to obtain unprecedented rates. However there is a way to save more, and that is to choose an online loan.

The advantages are at least 3:

  • it is convenient;
  • is smart;
  • It is faster.

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