Green loans: Renovate the house to improve its energy class

Purchase a hybrid or electric car. These are ambitious projects which can often be very expensive. This is why banks have created dedicated loans: green loans.

In detail, they promote respect for the earth, which is so topical in 2019, and vary from bank to bank to entice the population to invest in renewable energy and, in general, in everything that can create energy efficiency, to facilitate the passage from traditional forms of construction and technology to ecological ones.



green loans

Compared to traditional ones, green loans have various concessions: zero preliminary fees, customizable installments, online management, digital signature. And not only do they have subsidized interest rates and lower spreads are usually applied compared to classic mortgages: normally it does not exceed 5% if the loan is aimed at the purchase, renovation or construction of a green house from scratch. In addition, the funding, which ranges from $ 2,500 to $ 100,000, covers 100% of the cost of the interventions.


Goals, from home to plants


For this reason, ecological loans or green loans are addressed, not only to the construction of an energy efficient house, but also to all those projects aimed at the realization of renewable energy plants, from photovoltaic to geothermal. The banks accept the grant of green mortgages for those investments that concern the following ecological investment areas: the purchase of properties with energy class A or with certain efficiency parameters; energy redevelopment interventions, specific for the purchase of thermal insulating materials or for the improvement, insulation and adaptation of the thermal system or electrical system; the construction of buildings with green building techniques.


The target: individuals and companies

credit loans

Green loans are aimed at both companies and individuals. All categories of the population are involved, from employees, to public workers, to self-employed workers, to freelancers or even pensioners: practically all those who wish to transform their home, an uncultivated space, in general their life, making it greener than ever. Numerous banks have devised forms of green loans. But if you are already a customer of a credit institution, you should understand what are the green loan offers made available by the same; in case you had to choose among many proposals, then it is better to evaluate all the parameters and choose the most suitable estimate for your needs.

The green loan is one of those forms of financing aimed, precisely for this reason the bank will request all the necessary documentation to validate this end.

Usually you need: the identification document, the tax code and the document certifying the applicant’s income; proof of expenditure, ie a quote or an invoice. Therefore, the banks will take into account the quality of the project if the operations concern thermal insulation, improvement of the electrical system and of the domestic heating system. In short, the aim of the works must be to achieve a reduction in energy losses and consumption.

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